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The beginning of the agency

When the OnlyFans platform came out in 2016, we were just a group of friends starting out in different French companies.

However, we immediately sensed the opportunity and the scale that this market was going to take.

So we asked about the platform, contacted girls in our circle to offer them to sign up with our help.


A Shared Vision

It worked immediately and we repeated this many times, over the course of months.

Over time, we improved our techniques and approach, always achieving bigger results, while reducing the time required.

We finally made the decision to professionalize and adopt this activity on a long-term basis.

A never ending growth

For five years now, we have been accompanying Models to reach the top 0.1% of Creators, by taking over the management of their OnlyFans account. We have accompanied several dozen Models, generated several hundred thousand euros and recruited again and again to finally build this team that is now the strength of the Venus Model agency.

Our Team


Co-Founder – Marketing & relations

Responsible for the Venus Model agency, Guilhem optimizes the company’s development. He also supervises the Marketing Division as well as the implementation of new Models.


Co-founder – Content & branding

With great creativity, Maya defines the content strategy for each Model. She also closely follows and is involved in the Venus Model Agency’s Marketing Hub.


Co-Founder – Clients & recruiting

Head recruiter of new models, Pierre exchanges auditions each application and continually seeks new Models to develop the Venus Model agency.


Acquisition & traffic

Valentina manages the development of the audiences and communities of Models. She ensures that Fans stay subscribed as long as possible, and enjoy the content of the Models.


Pricing & yield management

As the Venus Model agency’s pricing expert, Alex is responsible for testing our Models’ offers and pricing. He optimizes revenue to ensure long-term, sustainable growth for each Model.


Fans and chatters manager

American-born Harper is the communications director for the Venus Model agency. She is the one who manages the editorial teams and therefore the relationship between Models and Fans.


Partnerships & opportunities

Outgoing, sociable and a good listener, Justine finds and negotiates new partnerships for the Venus Model agency. She communicates with agencies and Models from around the world.

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