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They are talking about OnlyFans as the revolutionary new business.

Some statistics

Are you an OnlyFans Creator or interested in becoming one soon? Here are some statistics to know about the industry.


2 million, this is the number of Creators registered on the platform and who regularly publish content.


170 million is the number of Active Fans registered on the platform to follow their favorite Creators.


33% is the percentage of earnings generated by 1% of Creators, those accompanied by professionals.


6 billion, the revenue generated by the platform in 2021, so the amount spent by Fans around the world.

Manage your OnlyFans account

We provide complete management of your OnlyFans account, from its creation to the management of Fans, through content publishing to rate optimization. We accompany you from A to Z and advise you on content production. All you have to do then is collect your monthly earnings.

Our pledges of trust

Our agency by the numbers


Each member of our agency has an average of 7 years of experience in digital marketing, and has participated in several entrepreneurial successes and/or successful business start-ups.


We are honored to currently work with 29 talented models, whom we guide and support on a daily basis as they build their careers. They have trusted us to develop their business.

17593 $

$17,593, this is the average monthly income of our Models after 6 months of management in our agency. We can produce this type of result for the majority of Models, and no doubt for your profile as well.


On average, we generate +923% revenue for our Models from the moment we take over management of their account. This increase generally allows each Model to live exclusively from their content.

Join us now!

Are you interested in becoming a Model? Are you already a Model and want to work with our agency? Contact us now, and we will organize a discovery call to discuss your projects as well as your goals.

Our models

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Our Team


Co-Founder – Marketing & relations

Responsible for the Venus Model agency, Guilhem optimizes the company’s development. He also supervises the Marketing Division as well as the implementation of new Models.


Co-founder – Content & branding

With great creativity, Maya defines the content strategy for each Model. She also closely follows and is involved in the Venus Model Agency’s Marketing Hub.


Co-Founder – Clients & recruiting

Head recruiter of new models, Pierre exchanges auditions each application and continually seeks new Models to develop the Venus Model agency.


Acquisition & traffic

Valentina manages the development of the audiences and communities of Models. She ensures that Fans stay subscribed as long as possible, and enjoy the content of the Models.


Pricing & yield management

As the Venus Model agency’s pricing expert, Alex is responsible for testing our Models’ offers and pricing. He optimizes revenue to ensure long-term, sustainable growth for each Model.


Fans and chatters manager

American-born Harper is the communications director for the Venus Model agency. She is the one who manages the editorial teams and therefore the relationship between Models and Fans.


Partnerships & opportunities

Outgoing, sociable and a good listener, Justine finds and negotiates new partnerships for the Venus Model agency. She communicates with agencies and Models from around the world.

Most common questions

OnlyFans is a content sharing platform between “Creators” and “Fans”. The site allows Creators to share exclusive content with their subscribers, thanks to a paid subscription system. The contents are supposed to be exclusive and only found on the platform, which allows Fans to enjoy these unique contents. Anyone can sign up as a Creator, whether they are an artist, influencer, sportsperson, or just a “normal” person without a community. Creators have the opportunity to earn revenue in several ways:

– Subscriptions: Fans subscribe to the Creator to enjoy their content every month.
– Push Media: the Creator can send blurred media (photo or video) to all of his Fans by setting a fee to unlock it, which the Fans will choose to pay or not.
– Private Media: a Fan can ask a Creator for a personalized content, and the Creator will be free to decide whether or not to answer yes or no, as well as to propose the price he wants.

There are many types of content shared on the platform, but the most common are charming, erotic and pornographic content.

Platforms like OnlyFans, MYM Fans and others are completely legal. However, they require that each registrant (Creator or Fan) be at least 18 years old, have a bank account, and of course show respect on the platform. With nearly 130 million members worldwide, OnlyFans is now considered a social network in its own right.

It is possible to earn money on OnlyFans while remaining anonymous, without showing your face or producing pornographic content. For anonymity, we propose to each of our Models to create their account in a foreign market and thus a country where nobody knows them. We can also block the country of origin of the Model so that no one from that country can see their content.

About the content, it is usually easier to earn a lot of money by showing your face and with erotic/pornographic content, but many Models make a very good living without it. However, you will have to be willing to work a little harder, and accept that it takes a little more time.

Indeed, Fans can take screenshots and download the content broadcasted on OnlyFans. However, it is important to note that the platform has put in place many preventive measures to fight against this. For example, right-clicks and downloads are impossible to do from a phone, a tablet or a computer.

The average income of an OnlyFans Creator is very low since the average is 151$ per month. This is because the majority of the Models manage their account alone, without a team and without technical knowledge. On the other hand, all the Models working with an agency and having a team manage to earn more than 10 000$ per month.

You need an agency because if you sign up on OnlyFans, it is not to generate $100 or $200 per month. On your own, you will have a hard time exceeding this level, and it will take you a lot of time. By working with an agency, you will only have to take care of the content creation, and the agency will manage all the rest of your business for you. This will give you a much higher income, and a much lower workload.

Absolutely! By working with our agency, you entrust us with the complete management of your OnlyFans account. All you have to do is produce content that we will publish ourselves, and receive your payments. For the production of content, our Models usually block out one day or half a day per month to create content in advance. So it’s pretty doable!

Our complete management offer includes: creation/takeover of your OnlyFans account, analysis of the market and country you are positioned in, marketing and promotion of your profile and social networks to gain more Fans, exchanges with your Fans and management of private media, optimization of your rates to maximize profitability, and advice and assistance in content creation.

To get started right away, we invite you to contact us at or to fill out the contact form. We will get back to you shortly, and if your application is validated, we will start our collaboration in the next few days.

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